Fuzzy posts

N is for Never.


M is for Marvelous

Pump pump

A break in the bank 

As I fill up the tank

The prices keep rising 

Oil lords enterprising

As he’s left at the pump

With the change like a chump

The guzzling can

Takes away from the man

As he sees his paycheck

Swim through the nozzle’s neck 

And into the car

That drives him too far

The give and the take

Dictating his rake

The claim to his stake

Cant enjoy his own cake

Wondering, if it was all a mistake

As the number increases

Morale will decreases

But this is the life

To have the kids and the wife

Whom he cannot enjoy

Lest he be unemploy

So he fills his car quick

Til the trigger goes click.

You ask me

You ask me,

How do I

A little

Magoo’s eye


Es maybe


Stone baby

Words jumbled


Not German

not perfect

Te Guten

De Hammer

no logic

my grammar

Not Kelsey or Andy

My bestie your candy

You baby 

so stubborn

stone headed


snake gnashing

and snarling 

the goose egg

my darling

I do how


A little 

Me ask you


L is for love


K is for Keeper


Today is my (tumblr’s) 3rd birthday.



In another country. 

Unable to speak the language.

Unable to convey.

How difficult.

How frustrating.

How heartbreaking. 


Hello to Musicgoon and Churrowong.


J is for jealous


I is for Infatuation


H is for Honored


G is for Giddy.

My God My God

I want to know 

My God My God

Doth sing my soul

My God My God

Thy word is true

My God My God

I cry for you

My God

My peace and my distress

My God My Savior Gives me rest


Even when you’re late you’re right on time
Because you are always on my mind.
So dont fret or even apologize
Just hurry on and come inside.
I’ve saved a seat by the fire right next to me
As we look at the stars on the Christmas tree.
And slowly sip on hot chocolate
And everything will be okay.
Yes, everything, everything will be okay.